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Power Transmission & Drive

Elecon products from India, is Asia’s Largest gear manufacturing company will guide you to choose the best products. Elecon’s proven expertise in technology and innovation has enabled it successfully decipher the changing requirements of the industry and churn out technologically superior products from time to time. Today, David Brown Radicon and Benzlers are part of Elecon product to fulfill power transmission markets.

Asia Development Engineering as Elecon’s partner in Indonesia, also provide as same as well with Elecon.

Elecon also has a proven track record in the design and manufacture of worm gears, parallel shaft and right angle shaft, helical and spiral bevel helical gears, fluid , geared & flexible couplings and planetary gear boxes. And when it comes to special gears, Elecon is the supplier of choice to core sectors like Sugar, Cement, Chemical, Fertilizer, Steel, Plastic Extrusion and Rubber. Elecon also enjoys the rare distinction of begin the first Indian gear company to receive the coveted ISO 9001:2000 certification. With significant investments in manufacturing facilities, technology and innovation, Elecon promises a long-term alliance with all its customers in the long run.

Today, Elecon boasts of state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that include fully automated machining lines, comprehensive production capacity and a dedicated task force aptly supported with expedite after sales services. With customer footprint across the nation and in Australia, Africa, South East Asia, Middle East, Europe and products comparable with the bet in the world, Elecon Engineering Company Limited looks forward to serve you, the way leaders do.

Helical & Bevel Helical Gear Boxes

The technologically superior range of helical & helical bevel gears include, ET-Series, EP-Series and Epex-Series.

Worm Gear Boxes

General Purpose usage to Double Reduction gears, Geared Motors, Cooling Tower gears & Stirrer units.


Energy efficient to include Elflex, Elign Multi Crowned, Fluid, Flexible, Geared & Torsion Shaft couplings.

Wind Mill Gear Boxes

Elevator Traction Machines

Keeping pace with the continuous development and in line with the philosophy of Elecon to offer innovative products, Elecon has developed a range of Elevator gears for passenger Elevator applications. Considering the market need of Traction Machine for 4 to 6 passengers capacity at an affordable price, Elecon has developed this machine to offer the cost effective product to the customers.

These gears ensures smooth and quiet operation with low noise and vibrations for passenger comfort. The critical components of the unit are manufactured on the CNC machines to achieve high quality level and performance. Hi-tech measuring and testing aids ensure these unit meet desired design parameters for trouble free performance in the field.

Planetary Gear Boxes

Planetary type Slew drive gearboxes for various bulk material handling, marine and defence applications.

Marine Gear Boxes

High Speed Gear Boxes

Single and double helical gears for turbines, pumps, blowers, compressors for upto 23,000 kw and 10,000 rpm.

Geared Motors

Foot, flange, foot-cum-flange and hub type construction. Variable speed for stepless speed variation.