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Our Products

PT ASIA DEVELOPMENT ENGINEERING can provide unique solutions, or with collaboration, can offer one stop turnkey design, construct and service solutions for mining and engineering procurement construction company. We can offer a complete final design procurement and construction turnkey project with process and completion guaranties, realistic capital cost are our prime focus.

We have professional team with experience in these aspects very well known highly regarded in the mining industry with a lot of project within the team’s direct engineering and design experience. We believe in completing a high level of detail in its design work to allow suppliers and contractors to easily price the work without inflating prices to cover contingencies for unclear areas of the purposed plant. We take full responsibility for any errors in the design details and will make good, at not cost to the client, on a design and construct contract.

Following the initial engineering and design work, we can offer a turnkey project which covers a fixed price for procurement and construction, process and completion guarantees.

We provide crushing plant for any kinds of material (Coal, Stones, Iron Ore, Nickel, Limestone) to process raw material to be sizing material that requirement.

With 14 years experience, we provide for better design, fabrication and product development to satisfy our customer need. All manufacturing is processed by our self and have a quality standard from our Quality Control team.

The designed capacity is from 150 TPH (for mobile crusher), 300 TPH to 1.000 TPH. To meet customer’s specific requirement, we can also add other equipments adapt to customer demand.

One of the method to handle the finished material of Crushing Plant to barge, we provide Barge Loading Conveyor Unit System. It can convey finished material from stock pile to the barge with the capacity 500 TPH to 2.000 TPH. We can also provide the capacity and other additional equipment according to the customer’s specific requirement.

To rich the customer satisfaction, we always improve our product and equipment to be easy maintenance equipment and long term durability.

To support all running project, new project and on going project, we provide component conveyor to support after sales of our project. We trust that our customer can take some advantage from this program, because we will provide the entire component conveyor both for periodic maintenance or replacement part. All conveyor spare part that we will supply and distribute by our network those already built along this time both for new project or running project.

All the program purpose for mutual beneficial partnership between our company and customer. Range of our conveyor component product as follows:

  • Pulley Conveyor (Drive, Head, Tail, Snub, Bend and Counter Weight)
  • Roller Conveyor (Carrying, Return, Impact, Self Cleaning and Self Aligning)
  • Belt Cleaner (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)
  • Rubber Belt (General, Oil Resistant, Flame Resistant, Chemical Resistant)
  • Belt Sway Switch
  • Safety Pull-Cord

Employing a team of experienced professionals, with recognized expertise in conveying, crushing, stockpiling, reclaiming, chute work, load out system, means that we can deliver an integrated design, construction, maintenance and operation package for your surface handling requirements.

Partnerships with key industry specialist allows us to co-ordinate and deliver world class solution to stockpile, feeding, reclaim, and load out projects.