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Loading Conveyor

One of the methods to handle finished material from Crushing Plant to Barge / Vessel, we provide Loading Conveyor Unit System. It can convey finished material from stock pile to Barge / Vessel with the capacity ranged from 500 up to 2.500 TPH (ton per hour). We also provide the capacity and other additional equipment according to the customers’ specific requirement.
To reach the customers’ satisfaction, we always improve our product and equipment to be easy maintenance equipment and long term durability.

Durability and good quality of Loading Conveyor at Port is a must in mining industry. It can improve efficiency and speed, to make the loading process easier.

All engineering designs are customized to the condition that refers to the data port and the river bathymetry, soil investigation, topography, so the design can be less of failure.

The design of loading conveyor, other than in accordance with the desired capacity, also adjusted to the port area and the type and capacity of equipment for feeding.

Feeding from the dump trucks that carry material (coal) immediate from pit area / crushing plant, conveyor units start from Hopper of appropriate truck capacity, and then applied to the transfer conveyor, and passed to Loading Conveyor is directly poured into Barge.

As mentioned, the shape and size of the hopper design adjusted with the tonnage of material spillage from the truck, and spilled way, there are a backing dump, side dump and bottom dump

Feeding from the stock pile of material by using a bulldozer to Reclaim Feeder, conveyor units are prepared from Reclaim Feeder in the stream to the Transfer, and Loading Conveyor forwarded to a directly poured into the Barge.

In general, there are two kinds Reclaim Feeder usual we offer; the Reclaim Feeder with Chain and Conveyor Belt Feeder Reclaim

Reclaim Feeder Chain does not require a hopper, and Reclaim Conveyor Belt Feeder requires hopper, both underground hopper when using bulldozer or on ground hopper when using a Wheel Loader / Backhoe Excavator.