Pioneer Pump

Pioneer Pump


Pioneer Pump’s leading-edge innovation has created the industry’s best pump designs, meticulously engineered and machined by our team of highly skilled professionals. Our pumps move more fluid at higher pressures, more efficiently than our competition, providing maximum performance while using less energy. We provide the best value in a budget-conscious world and reduce your impact on the environment. The large impeller eye area and low NPSHr provide for more flow and higher suction lifts, which reduce the need to relocate your pumps and allow for placement flexibility. Our innovative UltraPrime™ priming system has a 50 CFM liquid-tolerant, diaphragm vacuum pump for faster priming and higher air-handling capability with no product carryover.


Pioneer Pumps are built to stand the test of time. We lead the industry with our standard use of the highest-quality materials, including ductile iron volutes and CA6NM stainless steel impellers, as well as 17-4 PH stainless steel shafts. Bearing frames with oversized bearings, heavy-duty chromed shafts with lip seals or bearing isolators also work to extend pump life while tungsten vs. silicon carbide seal faces and run-dry capability assure unparalleled reliability. All of our pumpsets are designed to withstand the extreme, rugged challenges of the mining industry. Package options include sound-attenuated enclosures, drag skids, open trailers with integral fuel tanks and a variety of lifting bales for your convenience. Invest in Pioneer Pump – and invest in peace of mind.


Pioneer Pump won’t just sell you a pump. We use our combined 200 years of experience to solve your toughest pumping challenges. Innovative modular designs with a variety of mounting configurations allow for maximum flexibility while reducing parts inventory. Pioneer Pump also provides attentive, highly knowledgeable aftersale service and support through our global network of distributors. For those rare occasions you need it, we get you back up and running quickly with an extensive inventory of replacement pumps and parts, including those made from special alloy materials.

Pioneer pumps built with heavy-duty drag skids handle the extreme pressures required in the mining industry, with capabilities up to 700+ feet (210m) and flows to 18,000 GPM (4,000m3/hr).


High-flow and High-pressure Dewatering

Get extreme performance

Pioneer Prime offers flows up to 18,000 GPM (4,000m3/hr) and heads to 700+ feet (210m) with vacuum-assisted dry priming and run-dry capability, providing the best performance of any company in the self-priming pump market.

Work more efficiently

Exceptional hydraulic designs combined with outstanding quality assures less service and downtime, leading to increased production and profits.

Be environmentally friendly

Our patented PosiValve™ and UltraPrime priming system prevents leakage and carryover while offering unparalleled reliability. Fully contained packages, including 110% containment with noise level as low as 60 dBA, meet noise and containment regulations.

Get back to work sooner

Size for size, Pioneer pumps are designed to move more water than any other manufacturer. Whether it is mine dewatering or quarry flooding, Pioneed gets you drier, faster.


Plant and Process

Get more performance with less energy

Pioneer pumps are highly efficient so they’re better for your budget and the environment.

High flow without worries

Standard centrifugal and self-priming pumps deliver high flow and pressure for the most demanding mining applications.

Process pump applications include:

  • Wheel washing
  • Light slurry and polymer pumping
  • Dust suppression
  • Sand and gravel washing
  • Concrete plant water feed pumps

Our customers rely on our high-efficiency, extreme-performance pumps in the most demanding mining and quarry applications.



  • Heavy-duty modular construction designed for the mining and quarry market
  • Oversized shafts and bearings for exceptional reliability in demanding conditions
  • Optional bearing isolators for superior bearing and shaft protection
  • Standard mechanical seal construction includes tungsten carbide vs. silicon carbide seal faces, Viton ® elastomers and stainless steel hardware
  • UptraPrime 50 CFM priming system, which provides high air handling capability for quick priming.
  • Patented PosiValve stainless steel positive sealing priming valve
  • Run-dry capability
  • Low NPSHr impeller designs for exceptional suction lifts
  • Back pull-out design for ease of maintenance and downtime
  • Standard ductile iron volutes and CA6NM stainless steel impellers designed for long life
  • 17-4 PH stainless steel shafts for corrosion resistance
  • Available in a variety of metallurgies and mounting configurations

Experience the benefits of our self-priming pumps, including reliability, ease of maintenance and superior performance.





Pump Series





Standard Centrifugal (SC) Up to 700+ feet210m 20-18,000 GPM4-4,000m3/hr 11/2-18 inches40-450mm High-performance, end-suction centrifugal pumps. Solids handling or clear liquids. Run-dry capability. Ideal for: wheel washing, washplants and polymer dosing.
Pioneer Prime (PP) Up to 700+ feet210m 20-18,000 GPM4-4,000m3/hr 11/2-18 inches40-450mm Vacuum-assisted, automatic priming, run-dry pumps. Solids handling or clear liquids. Ideal for: high-flow, high-pressure dewatering and flood control.
Self-Priming (ES, P, PT and PE) Up to 200+ feet60m 20-3,500 GPM4-795m3/hr 11/2-10 inches40-250mm Self-priming. Solids handling or clear liquids. Ideal for: liquid transfer and dewatering.



Get it all with a Pioneer Pump

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